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Refrigerator Drain Set

Refrigerator Drain Set

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Refrigerator drain set 

🔅Includes: 1pc100 ml syringe, 1pc 1.5M hose, 1pc drain plug, 1pc ice shovel and 1pc cleaning brush for cleaning refrigerator holes. 


It helps to clean the drain hole of the refrigerator, solve the problem of water leakage, and remove the peculiar smell caused by blockage. Can be reused.


Strong applicability: suitable for all brands of refrigerators, freezers, display cabinets, and wine cabinets. 


Easy to use, quick to dredge, and does not hurt the refrigerator. There is no need to cut off the power supply during use.

🔅 Insert the oblique opening of the water pipe into the drain hole of the refrigerator, pour 70-80 degrees Celsius hot water, and rinse the blockage in the drain pipe. If you encounter resistance during intubation, continue to pump hot water until you hear the sound of running water, and the refrigerator is unblocked. After dredging, you can use the free dredging brush to clean again to better remove the peculiar smell.


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